What do I do?:(

I am young and none of my friends have curly hair, so I straightened it from the age of 10 nearly everyday and now I am 14 and my hair is ruined! It is a bit longer than shoulder length, I want it to grow very long! But I also have dumbo ears so cannot wear my hair up as I am very self conscious:( I don't know what to do!! 

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oh no , I would google a natural hair salon in my area and have them cut the damaged ends off ASAP. I love long hair but short healthy hair is better then long , damaged hair. If you want your hair to grow healthier then I would recommend getting your damaged ends cut off .when you cut off the damaged part , make sure you deep condition your hair once a week so your hair can be replenished with moisture . Also make sure you never straighten your hair every day ever again! If you must straighten your hair , do it every 2-3 weeks.Search up some natural haired girls on YouTube to get yourself started on your naturally curly hair! Now for your ears , One thing you can do is buy some cheap ear cuffs off of amazon .i have both a dragon and a snake cuff from amazon , both under $5 and they didn't turn my ears green. People will be more impressed with the cuffs than the size of your ears But in all honestly , you should embrace your ears . I know high school is a brutal place but you cannot hide your ears forever . Let them breathe . You are a beautiful person , and your big ears make you who you are, they make you different . No one has ears like you and that's something you should be proud of.If they make fun of you then let them , they will eventually stop because it will get old quick so I recommend showing your ears off now because soon enough they will stop caring . Just be yourself . Don't live your life worrying what other will think of you because it will only make you sadder and life is just too short to be sad .I hope you take my advice ! 
Okay. For me personally, I deep condition once a week, every week. Deep conditioning is essential for keeping your hair soft and moisturized. I like the L'Oreal Oleo Therapy Deep Treament. Second of all, and I cannot stress this enough, stop using shampoos with sulfates. They dry out your hair horribly. I saw such a huge improvement in my hair's appearance and it was a lot less frizzy when I started using sulfate-free shampoo. My favorite shampoo is Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Shampoo. Also, look into conditioner washing. It's basically washing your hair with conditioner and I know that sounds weird, but trust me, it does wonders. Be sure to get yourself a good moisturizing rinse out conditioner. I like Tresseme Naturals personally. Next, do not brush your hair. Ever. Just throw out your brushes or give them to someone. It's not good for it and it just makes your hair poofy. Only comb your hair in the shower with a wide toothed comb to detangle. Do not wash your hair everyday. I wash my hair twice a week and it doesn't really get oily. You should get yourself a good leave-in conditioner. My favorite is the Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk. Use this after you shower while your hair is still wet. After your leave-in, I recommend a gel. I like the Garnier Pure Clean Gel. I just scrunch it into my hair with my head upside down. If it makes your hair crunchy, just scrunch your hair and that will get rid of the crunchyness. Gel is what will really define your curls. If you want to air dry it (which is what I personally recommend so you don't get any more heat damage) scrunch out any water with a cotton T-shirt. It's better than a towel because towels will make your hair frizzy. Don't wrap your hair in a towel. But if you want to dry your hair, use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment and put it on the lowest speed and the lowest heat setting. For nighttime, I usually just gather my hair at the top of my head and tie it with a scrunchy. For second and third day hair I just spritz it with a little water and scrunch. All the products I mentioned are drug store so they are all inexpensive and easy to find. Just play around with different products and see what works best for you. Be sure to get a good haircut and get layers. Find a stylist who has experience with curly hair. I know this is a lot to take in and and to keep in mind, but trust me, it works. I do all of this and my hair is really healthy and looks great. The transition may take a little while but stick to it. It might take some time for your hair to adjust but it will be worth it. Your hair will be a lot healthier. And I know how you feel about no one else having curly hair; I am the only one in my family and the only one out of my friends who has curly hair so I had to figure out how to care for it on my own. But now I get compliments on my hair all the time and I like being different and I embrace my hair. I hope I have helped although I have probably overwhelmed you...good luck with your hair :)