Do I have 3 different curl types on my head?

Hello dearies,Recently jumped on to the cg bandwagon and need your help.I am really confused with my hair and the products to be used. I seem to have 3 entirely different curl patterns on my head. Can some one please help me in identifying my curl pattern and the type of products to be used.Attaching pics of my hair from back and crown. The portion around my face seems to be a lot more frizzier than the rest of my hair. And, is my hair 3b or 3a?

2 Answers

No one has the same problem?
Many of us have a range of curls depending on the weather, our natural curl pattern and the style or weight of our hair that could be pulling the roots straighter. Also hormonal shifts can change hair texture. My sister went from stick straight to 3b during puberty!