I have 3a/3b combo hair, but it's also a bit thin. How can I fluff them up to get insane volume?

I have decently curly hair, a combination of 3a/3b but not a lot of it; it's rather thin. Not like paper thin but definitely not thick. I love my curls but I need some volume! I fix it upside down and wrap it up in a towel for about half an hour, but that mostly just helps my roots curl (it's long so it gets weighed down and the top straightens out) it doesn't give me a lot of volume. I'm looking for the Lorde hairstyle! My hair is just as curly but I want that big POP. Also, if anyone has any tips on growing it out- that would be fantastic too =) it seems to be stuck at boob level lol

1 Answer

Ok so I don't know any tips for growing your hair out but if someone does I'm very interested too!About the volume thing I can recommend the Pantene Pro V Volume Conditioner.