I have 3b curls.. Is using a relaxer a bad option?

I have very thick curly hair and very dry.. I get out of the shower and within minutes parts of it look like it never even got wet. I'd like to relax my curls and have them be a little looser and not so tight and maybe that will make it easier to manage them. I hate that once I apply product in my hair and it air drys my hair doesn't feel soft and smooth but rather dry and kind of crunchy. I need help if finding out if a relaxer would help loosen my curls and in turn help me manage it more easily in order to not be so dry... 

2 Answers

A relaxer completely takes the curl out of your hair. Most likely, you're looking for a texturizer - they loosen curls without making the curls bigger. Unfortunately, texturizers are pretty inconsistent in there results. Also, like relaxers, texturizers usually only serve to damage the hair, raising the porosity and making hair weaker. Due to that, I wouldn't think it was a good option for getting your hair to be any less dry. I would look more into what your porosity level is and the products you are currently using and how your hair reacts to those. You might have natural high porosity ? Which would explain excess moisture loss and you should look for heavier sealants for your hair. Maybe your protein  or silicone sensitive? In which case, maybe your products are resulting the dry, crunchy hair.
you could do the relaxer without it removing all your curl. But it will alter your curl pattern and that will forever be inconsistent with your new growth. You will constantly have to relax your new growth. I would try applying mouse while the hair is completely wet and blot to dry.