I have 3b curly hair, 14 years old, 1/2 black, 1/2 white. How often should I wash my hair?

4 Answers

Probably twice a week
When it gets dirty sounds simple, but it's true. Some girls wash and DC once a week. That's what I do with my hair and I am bi-racial too. That said, no two heads are alike regardless of ethnic make-up. This is all about finding what works for your hair. What has worked for me may not work for you. I detangle with lots of oil and leave it overnight. Co wash or do my scalp with mud wash. Then use the LOC method. Leave in. Oil and Creme. It works like a charm. Keeps for a week. The fun part of being a natural is learning to work with what you have and even on a daily basis, your hair has a mind of its own. Good luck. It's great that you are so young and want to be a natural. There is a lot support out there for you.
I wash my hair 1x-2x a week depending on the odor of my scalp and how much buildup and itchiness I feel.  I am very active and have lots of hair so my scalp sweats a lot.  I too have thick plentiful long 3b hair. 
This is my favorite part of being a curly girl:)  I can wash my hair whenever I feel like I need to.  When I used to straighten my hair I had to keep the stench, itch, and buildup until the end of the week again because I had to have that day off due to how long it takes to re-straighten.