I have 3B spiral curls. Gray hair now thin strands. What is a good moisturizer that won't weight out

2 Answers

I have lately been getting gray hairs as well and my hair is thinning, the product I use now is Eden All Natural Curl Defining Cream. I used to put a lot of products in my hair to get the same result with just this one curl cream. Personally to me it doesn't make my hair feel heavy and it also smells really good. 
I've been using Leighis butter for about 2 years now. I have 3c hair, my mom has 1a, my aunt has 4c and we all love it. It's completely natural and vegan which is nice. I use it as a pre-poo and with deep conditioner as well as my daily moisturize, entirely light weight. I get it from their website leighis.com I also like grapeseed oil or argan oil after spraying my hair with a water and vegetable glycerin mix.