How can I get back to my 3c locks?

I used to have naturally thick curly hair that was close to 3c. As I got older my siblings would straighten it when I was around 5 years old and brush it out constantly. So throughout my elementary years I had VERY frizzy hair. I would also dye my hair frequently in middle school. Currently I have 3a hair as shown on the pictures. I've tried trimming my hair every month or so but my roots just grow in flat. What can I do to get back to my normal texture?

1 Answer

Hey, if your hair is growing in like that, that might just be what it wants to do right now. And that's ok. Listen, I have 2c hair, so it's wavy, and it was curlier when I was little, and I wish it was curlier, but if it wants to be wavy, it's gonna be wavy. However, if you want your hair to be more voluminous and have a tighter curl pattern, I have tips. When you're done with a shower, flip your hair upside-down, and scrunch with gel, or cream. Then try pineapple-ing your hair, or if that stretches it out, plop it. Just make sure the roots don't dry flat, and make sure to scrunch. But remember, don't stress if your hair isn't as curly as it was when you were 5.