How can I get my bouncy curls back?

I’m not sure what my hair type was before I messed up my curls, I guess around 3A/B. I am a white (as can be) Caucasian.I used to have the most beautiful bouncy curly hair. Of course back then I didn’t think it was beautiful at all. I hated my hair and would have given an arm and a leg for straight hair! Around 2005 I found out about Japanese thermal reconditioning. After getting that done my hair was pin straight and for a while I loved it. I got a few root touch ups done (literally your hair will be permanently straight but of course not your re growth) after a while I switched to doing the Brazilian Keratin Treatment method that only keeps hair straight/ish for about 4-5 moths But after a while my straight hair started boring me and I figured out how to use the straitening iron to do soft waves on my hair. Lately I have started missing my curls. I looked at old pictures and it just seems like the straight/wavy hair is a lie and my true personality is me with curly hair! I thought o myself “I wonder what my hair would look like if I just put some curling product in it and dry it with a diffuser?” so off to the beauty supply store I went.I bought some shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, a curl cream and went to work on mission “get my curls back” The end result? It looked awful! No more bouncy shiny curls but more like crunchy ringlets and after about 30 minutes it just turned into crunchy waves. I have layers in the back and the bottom of my hair was way straighter than the rest. So here is my question “how in the world do I get my curls back?” I used to use curls rock from Tigi but can’t seem to find it anywhere and I honestly thing that it probably wouldn’t fix my problem wither. A little side info, It has been about 6 months since my last Keratin Treatment and I did have a baby last year (I heard that pregnancy can mess with your hair type) 

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Hormones can in fact change you hair and your hair can change just on it's own. My sister went from stick straight to 3b at 16! Weird! But you are more than likely dealing with chemical damage (and probably some heat damage) from your years of straightening! I recommend getting it cut as much as you are comfortable with. And also following the Curly Girl Method! It is based on the book Curly Girl Handbook by Lorainne Massey. You can look into online as well. It has helped perk up my girls since I started following the recommendations and switched to sulfate free shampoo and silicone free products! I love Shea Moisture. It is available at Target and most drugstores and there is often a sale. Other tips are don't wash daily. Only use shampoo when needed otherwise try and wash with a light condtioner only like Suave Naturals or Tresemme Naturals. Use a satin or silk pillow case, dry hair with a t-shirt not a towel and comb only in the shower w/ conditioner on it. You will likely need most of that to be cut off but getting it in super moisturized healthy as possible condition along the way can only help. Deep condition with keratin is also helpful (Hask Keratin Packs are good). You may also find your hair likes other proteins that will be present in various SM products. Good luck!