Should I color & cut before or after a vacation?

I'm going on vacation and I know that my hair will get wet with chlorine water, ocean water not to mention sun exposure. I have fine 3a/b curls and I'm wondering if I should do a color & trim before or after the vacation. I color my hair with Clairol Natural Instincts and I'll be going for my first deva cut. My hair is fine and can get very dry. It used to be very damaged from over processing but it's in so much better shape now.  Thanks in advance for anyone's input. =)

1 Answer

I reccomend to cut and color your hair after your vacation. As you said your hair will be in chlorine water and might get dryer than usual by sun exposure. The sun can cause your hair to be a bit lighter as well. If you cut&color it after your holiday you can start fresh. But make sure your hair condition is good, if it's still dry then wait a while with coloring.That's my opinion :)