How can I control my hair?

my hair is type three curls but it's also wavy. It's ver uncontrollable and frizzed so easily that frizz serum doesn't even works. The ends, like a couple cm, are damaged from coloring (I've cut it all off). I have a pixie cut with side bangs and it never dries into a proper curl and the volume is so intense. Its straight and wavy at the root and then curls out amd goes wavy or straight. I've tried curl formers and all those things, rollers, hair wax, curl gel, coconut oil, anti frizz stuff, mouse, etc. nothing defines my curls and it takes forever to try and it feels bleh and weird as it dries.  I've seen women on YouTube mold their hair and I've never tried that. How well does that work? I'm considering getting it relaxed and cut all my hair down really short and keep the bangs. Will a curling iron help define the curls for the bangs? I just want to control my hair and let it lay down and never freak out. I'm starting to get extremely aggravated with not knowing what to do. Really need some help before I do something I regret with it xD 

2 Answers

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Hang in there! You are transitioning, and transitioners generally have curls that are different patterns on the same strand like that. Maybe it won't "lay down" or "dry into a proper curl". Again, you're transitioning, so this happens. Make sure your shampoo and conditioners don't have sulfates or silicones, and make sure you are conditioning lots and lots -- condition after every shampoo, deep condition once a week, and always use a leave-in after showering.Beyond that, get it shaped up frequently at the salon, style it with accessories that will forgive a less-than-perfect curl, and remember that you still have a bit of damage to grow out, but it will happen soon.Above all else, DO NOT ruin your efforts with relaxer.