how can I get my curls back to normal

okay... A little background on me and my hair. My mom is white and my dad is black so naturally I have curly mixed hair. My curls aren't extremely kinky but they are definitely ringlet type curls.. Or at least they used to be. My moms always gave me freedom with my hair so naturally I've experimented with every color. Literally. So fast forward to recently. I wanted to go blonde prior to summer because I knew it would be a process. I went to my stylist and she talked me out of full blonde and just did sort of an ombré. This didn't effect my curl pattern much. I'm very picky with my hair and so I went back to get my roots bleached as well but she ended up pulling the bleach through my entire length which completely destroyed my curls... So I tried to stay blonde but my hair was stretchy when wet, very dry, brittle, breaking and snapping. So I heard that putting dark pigment back into my hair would help the condition. So what I did was go to Sally's and get ION dye and dyed my hair an intense brown. My hair has improved a bit. But it's still not back to my natural curls that I've learned to love so much. My hair is still very dry. The curls are a lot looser. And the dye has since faded on my length because the bleach underneath. I've been looking up henna and I've seen a lot on it being a really good treatment especially for damaged hair. So I guess my question is, can henna repair my hair? Will I lose my curls completely? I have a devacut appointment next month. Should I wait to see if my curls revert back after the hair cut so see if I should still use henna? I really just want my curls back. I've tried Ahprogee, I've tried queen Helena cholesterol treatments. I've tried Olaplex from Cosmoprof step 1,2 and 3. My roots are growing in extremely curly like my hair used to be but I don't know how to get the rest of my hair back to normal... Any advice is appreciated. I'm not sure of my hair type but I'm guessing a 3c. I've uploaded stages of my hair (they didn't upload in order for some reason) from my last devacut. It progressed from really short beautiful curls, to longer curls. To a test strip of the bleach. To the ombré look where my curls were fine, to the full blonde where my curls are sad and droopy and to now. Dyed black but curls still aren't the same (dog filter) . Thank you in advanced for any knowledge and advice ! Gabby 

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First of all, I'm not a stylist or colorist, but I do know that all chemical treatments open the cuticle, and once the damage is done, you can deep condition to mitigate some of the damage, but that part of your hair will never "go back to normal" until all of it is cut off in time. I wouldn't try henna yet or keep coloring without the advice of a seasoned professional colorist, or you may be adding insult to injury. Meanwhile, you might use products designed for high porosity hair,  and eventually as your hair grows and you keep cutting the damaged ends off, your newly grown hair will be "back to normal". You're a gorgeous young lady, so if all else fails you could try rocking a really short cut!