I have curly 3a hair and am desperate for a way to make my curls tighter, any product suggestions?

would perming be a good idea? Or possibly any other products that could make my 3a curls transform into 3b? I want more defined and tight curls and I can't seem to get the look I want. Mousse weighs down my hair and I've tried plenty of different products PLEASE HELP !!! :-(

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Three words for you: Curly Girl Method. Two more words: NO PERM! It is very damaging to your hair and you will regret it! It will grow out and the drier/more damaged your hair is the less curly it will be anyway over time! The CG method is a way of treating, styling and caring for curly hair that does not include sulfates, silicones, brushes, towels, mineral oil, petroleum, among many other tips! You can get the book that outlines the method by Loraine Massey called Curly Girl Handbook or seek out the info online. If you follow it strictly, your hair will spring up by way of getting it more healthy and not using products that can keep moisture from your hair! Also, I suggest getting a haircut, like a Deva cut, by someone who cuts curly hair dry for shape and knows what they are doing! This can make a huge difference in your shape and such! You will love your hair and it will be a fun journey but I can not espouse the CG method enough! 
so it has been a process for me to learn the best products for my 3a hair.  In high school I used to have defined tight curls closer to 3c!  Now I'm at 3a... Anywho.  I have turned to the CG method I stay away from gels as a base since it will weight my hair down.  I use curl junky products... start with a serum (curls in a bottle) then scrunch in a cream(curl assurance).  Now here is how I make more defined curls... Something I don't do always because it is time consuming.  You want to be generous when applying the cream product.  I flip and apply a liberal amounts.   Then while head still flip use a wide tooth comb and with your head still flipped start to finger curl the chunks the combs made.  I finger curl from bottle of curl to top being tightly and hold for a few seconds.  You should have enough product on your hair to see the white cream and extra might plop off (I lay a towel on my bathroom floor).  Then I top off with a couple pumps of gel (curl junkie blue pump bottle) scrunching into the hair to provide hold. I will then use a microfiber towel to scrunch the water out so you might want to reapply more gel after this.   I do this the night before and will plop/pineapple my wet hair and in the morning defuse.  And when I plop the night before I lay my wet hair in the microfiber towel /t-shirt and tire it up... I don't use a rubber band when wet.  
Perms are damaging!!! Try finger curling and pinning and just take good care of your hair in general. You should see more definition and curliness as your hair gets healthier and always SCRUNCH!