since i cut my 3b curls about 6 inches it seems less curly??

I have fine-ish 3a/3b curls and it used to be very long (see pic) but since I cut it about 6 inches hoping to get more volume, It seems less curly. That seems like the opposite effect of what should happen what did I do wrong?

3 Answers

When did you get it cut? Sometimes you have to wait a few weeks for your hair to spring up. Maybe try a clarifying shampoo too. You have beautiful hair and I think it looks great just as it is. Good luck. 
Thank you I don't know why I cut it so much but oh well. Its been maybe a week in a half since I got it cut, that could be why though I guess I'll find out!
omg i have the exact same problem it now is 4 months ago that i cut it but it is still losing curl pls help