I cut my hair in a Long Bob, but I got an awful triangle head? What can I do?

My hair length rith now is a little over the shoulder. 

2 Answers

Oh no, the pyramid! I've been there...So basically, there's a couple things you can do.1). If you're not willing to cut more to fix the shape, then you can just find styles to put it in (side parts to make it look less obvious, updos, etc.). You can do this until it gets back to a length where you're comfortable with cutting it again to fix it (this time find a stylist who specializes in curly hair! The pyramid/triangle look most often happens with stylists who cut your hair the way they cut a straight-haired person's, which shows a lack of understanding of curly hair). 2). If you have shears of your own, you can - using tutorials on youtube and tips you find online, slowly and carefully snip around your hair to fix the shape. Two major tips are to: a) never cut your hair wet and b) cut diagonally - cutting straight is what leads to the pyramid.And again, if you're not comfortable cutting it yourself, you could always wait it out with some cute styles. When this happened to me, I also used a little gel on certain parts to weigh them down to match the length of the others to 'mask' the uneven-ness! Sorry that this happened! 
I always have the triangle wedge!! One way you can fix it is by leaning over so your hair is all upside down. Then put your hand at the crown of your head like you are going to run your hand through your hair. Shake your hand back and forth I call this "Fluffing the crown" it will loosen your hair from sticking the top of your head and fluff up the top giving you some volume at the top. Another is to try your best to use light products so it doesn't weigh your curls down leaving you with a flat head -.- You could also try using styles that draw the attention away from your triangle fluff. But you might as well surrender to the wedge. You get used to it, especially when you pair it with a cute headband or hair scarf! :D