I cut my hair 6 years ago, will using less chemicals promote growth?

I cut my hair when I was 8... I am now 14! I do have a history of always straighting my hair and burning off my curly hair! I did not go fully natural until September 2013! I have been using oils, moisturizers, oil sheen, hawiian silky... I was looking online and I saw a teenager who stated that ever since she started using less chemicals her hair has been growing faster! Is this true ? Is there other tips you could give me ... ? 

2 Answers

Although chemically relaxing the hair doesn't actually affect how much the follicle grows, it can cause breakage. And because relaxed hair is routinely subject to heat styling, that can put strain on the follicle. So when you stop doing those things to your hair, it makes it easier for the hair to grow. Many people swear by hair vitamins, which contain ingredients designed to stimulate hair growth. Also make sure you're keeping your hair conditioned, which will reduce breakage.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Chemicals damage your hair, relaxers or perms can acutally burn your scalp and if you go to the salon or do it yourself...you sometimes find yourself having less hair than you did before! (That's what I've seen). I had a rexlaxer put in my hair at 9 (now 15 and in 10th grade) and it took 3 years to fully grow out! In middle school...I chopped a good 5 inches or more of hair that was below my breast to shoulder length (it was uneven) because everyone had short hair. In middle school I flat ironed my hair every day...even sometimes TWICE a day even if I wasn't going anywhere. I never gave my hair a chance to breathe and be natural. My freshman year....I wore my hair curly for a bit and then would straighten it and then would wear it curly for a week or more and then straighten it. (still a lot of heat.). In summer I stopped using heat and took great care of my hair and it grew a lot faster and my hair was silky smooth when it was straightened for school pictures. I recently straightened my hair from at least a 3 month break (probably more) from heat and gained 2 or more inches. you usually grow 1/4 inch a month. LOOK UP glamtwinz334 on youtube and you will see everything about natural hair care!