I cut my hair and its still not healthy

i always used to color my hair( i dont use hair dyes except for when i want to color blond streaks).the colors were temp. afterawhile of coloring straightening and destroying I dyed my hair with coffee it worked out well but it dint help with my unhealthy hair and color is still not going. Anyways i sat for a year not destroying my hair and recently cut it until up the shoulders( before it was a bit down the shoulders)( my hair is very unhealthy so it grew very slow.) And it is still all tangled and looks very dull and doesnt even curl or anything lets just say its very unhealthy. I am now putting oils as much as i can and am trying to find the right shampoos also.

2 Answers

Have you tried deep conditioning it and co-washing instead of shampoo-ing?
Besides experimenting with products, consider that it might be your diet as well. Consider taking multi-vitamins, specifically pre-natal & hair/skin/nails formulas. Increase your water/veggie/fruit intake & cut down (or out!) sugar, refined carbs,& processed foods. Scalp massages also help with blood circulation & the distribution of oils (natural & added). Be aware, all of this will mostly affect new growth, not existing hair, so it will take a significant amount of time before you see results. You may see results in your nails in as little as 2 weeks, so if your nails are suddenly growing quickly & are stronger, the vitamins & diet change is working. Skin takes about a month for turnover, but if your complexion is clearer & evener than it was, that's another sign that your hair will come in healthier.It might help to go to a salon that styles curly hair & see what products they recommend for your hair as well.