How can I keep my daughters hair from tangling on the underneath part once it dries?

her hair looks great and curls look  nice except for underneath near the Nape of her neck that hair gets tangled into a ball no matter what I do and it's driving me nuts I can't figure out how to keep it from tangling without using a ton of product and she doesn't like it when her hair is weighed down with a lot of product. Any advise!!

3 Answers

Hi, my hair was the same when I was younger, it was always very tangled behind the ear and on the nape. You can try using a little bit of light weight oil like almond oil or sesame oil to lubricate the strands so it doesn't tangle as much without weighting down the curls. Making her sleep with a high and loose pineapple with a silky fabric pillowcase or scarf also might help.
Im not CG. My hair is 2b, fine curly. I suffer problem too. Best thing Ive found is a lightweight silicone serum like OGX argan or garnier sleek serum ( a light coat on the underneath hairs, especially the tips. Hope this helps
Ps - a loose braid it night will definitely help to prevent tons of morning tangles..