How can I define my 3B curly hair?

I have 3B hair, I'm not sure what my porosity is, to be honest I think I have both low and high porosity hair throughout my head. There's parts of hair that are frizzy even when it's wet. My hair is coarse, but then I feel like there is fine strands also. I'm having problems defining my curls. Right now I'm using a Shea Moisture leave-in, which I love, and the DevaCurl Gel. Before I cut my hair my curls were actually pretty defined other than the midsection of my hair that was straight due to heat damage. But my point is my curls looked beautiful when I styled with gel, but now it looks limp. It's been a year since I cut my hair and it's back to the length it was and I feel like I haven't made any progress. To be honest I think it's gotten worse. My hair has no elasticity, I've done protein treatments and it feels stronger but that's it. You would think that after a year my hair would have more defined curls but nope. I use to use the Shea Moisture styling cream and it made my curls look nice but it felt to oily, like you can literally feel the product even when my hair was dry. I don't seal with oil anymore because I honestly don't see a difference and my hair just feels oily even when dried. I'm at the point where I don't know what to do with my hair. The picture of my hair long was about 2 years ago, and the one of my hair short was a year ago, I don't have any pictures of my hair now but it basically looks like my short hair but longer. 

1 Answer

You have long hair (when your hair was short it was just pushing the end of medium length so if its longer than that its still considered long) and your hair is high density (you have a ton of hair). Both of these things are going to weight down your goooorgeous (lol) curls. When curls are shorter they are naturally more bouncy and have more oomph. Cutting layers into your long hair can help bring that back. It would help if you figured out your exact porosity though if you knew your exact porosity. It is totally possible to have more than one porosity in your hair. You should try taking strands from whatever parts of your hair you feel are low and high and test them. Your frizz doesnt just have to be from having high porosity hair, it can be from the weather where you live - from your actual Texture (if your hair is silky, cottony, wiry, thready, or spongy) - and if youre manipulating your hair too much. Protein treatments depending on the damage that was done before, take time. Especially if you arent doing something correctly. If your hair feels stronger though, that is a good sign. You may not have the proper moisture/protein balance. It takes both for strong hair and elasticity. Depending on your strand width and porosity, your hair may feel like that after sealing because youre using the total wrong oil lol. If your strands are fine you shouldnt be using anything heavier than jojoba oil. If your strands are coarse you should be using a heavier oil. If your hair is low porosity you should only use light EASY absorbent oils like jojoba and grapeseed. You also Shouldnt really be using coconut oil if its low porosity. If its high you should be using olive oil or castor oil or a mix. You can test your strand width by seeing if one strand of your hair is thicker than a piece of thread. If its thinner your strands are fine and if its thicker your strands are coarse or thick. If theyre the same width your strands are medium sized. Believe it or not, this small thing can answer a lot of your questions and affect your hair.I have High density hair like you but my strands are fine and i have high porosity hair. I have a warp of the hardest crap to deal with so I have to find a balance. This is why its important to know those things. So to define my curls I cant use heavy creams despite me being high porosity because my strands are thin, I have to use a light gel or a cream gel. As I Am Smoothing Gel is my life saver.ALL that being said and those questions being answered:Try doing ACV rinses on your hair with apple cidar vinegar and water. This will lessen frizz and define your curls naturally. Try to use light products so that your hair isnt even more weighed down than it naturally has to be. Try hair milks instead of super creamy moisturizers. I just suggest you use more because you have a lot of hair. Try spray leave ins or light cream leave ins. Try a sulfate free shampoo or try to cut out shampoo unless you have product build up and just co-wash and AVC rinse. You can use betonite clay to define your curls as well. I hope this helps love! xo