How do i define my ends that are straighter than my roots (due to bleaching and keratin treatments)?

I have type 3c/4a hair, VERY frizzy. I live in Jamaica so heat and humidity... 100%. i have done Keratin treatment for years, and for the last 6 months I've done smoothing treatments to control my frizz. also, i have bleached hair (ombre). i wear my hair both curly and straight depending on my mood. When its curly, however, the root half has very defined curls, and the lower half is just wavy in the back and straight in the front. How do i get my ends to have more defined curls? Also, even with the smoothing treatments and flat ironing, my hair front is still frizzy, and my roots are poofy 

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I got my hair chemically straightened for several years before embracing my natural curls. The lack of definition on your ends is largely caused by the chemical treatments and application of heat to your hair. Curly hair, especially the ends, which have received more treatments than your roots, is extremely susceptible to damage. As I have learned, it is almost impossible to define these dead ends. Trims do not need to be substantial (think 1/2 inch to one inch) as long as they are done several times a year. Use sulfate-free hair products to avoid drying out your curls, and try cutting back on the straightening and smoothing treatments. If you find a curly hair maintenance routine that you enjoy, you'll be surprised how much your frizz level will decrease. DevaCurl and Ouidad both offer curly hair routines that are straightforward and efficient. Start with identifying your curl type and go from there. Have fun exploring the product lines available- there are TONS of product combinations you can try from lots of great brands!!
Hey!I did the exact same thing as you last year, my roots would go curly whereas me ends would be dead straight obviously because of the bleach. I started off by using a hair mask once every three months with egg, mayonnaise, olive or coconut oil, lemon juice & honey OR 1 avocado, 1 egg, 1 banana, honey, castor oil & coconut oil - mash it all up & use a blender to ensure all ingredients are well mixed together & it's not clumpy. Which ever mask you decide to use you will have to leave it in your hair for about an hour. I would use the second mask once every two weeks but WITHOUT the egg. If you would like to use the egg then I would suggest once every 3 months. I would then proceed to wash my hair with my head tilted forward using Devacurl no poo and Devacurl one condition OR sometimes I like to use Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil shampoo & Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus conditioner...make sure to scrunch your hair continuously as this defines your curls...and finish off your last rinse with cold water as this locks in all moisture. I then use a t-shirt to again scrunch my hair & dry it as well (make sure to leave your hair in the tshirt or microfibre towel so your hair gets dried quicker and removes any excess water). Once it's damp I use 3 products to style it. Firstly, for a leave in I either use Shea moisture raw Shea butter detangler OR kinky curly knot today OR Shea moisture JBCO leave in,  secondly I use Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie (honestly the best!!!!) & lastly Deva curl light defining gel & I then scrunch again to remove any excess product and leave it to air dry. If I am in a rush I'll use the devacurl voluminising foam/mousse instead of the gel and use my diffuser which enables my hair to dry in 30 minutes' instead of FIVE HOURS but if you're living in Jamiaca you won't have this issue! **I diffuse my hair using the lowest heat setting and alternate between the cold air as well**I have attached photos of my hair so you can see the results! The first picture is after diffusing and the other two is after air drying. All products i purchased on Amazon as its really hard to find a store that sells them in the UK. Hope this helps xx