Why do I have different hair types and what should I do to make it all blend showing curl patterns?

I have two different hair types between the hair near my bangs and the top of my head, which is probably 3b and the hair on the rest of my head is probably 3c. And where the hair near my temples are just dead straight. No curls at all..just a slight wave due to my habit of tucking them behind my ears. When I let my hair down they all look like a big frizzy mess. The ones at the top (3b) has a really good curl pattern,but the ones underneath doesnt look like they have the same curl patterns at all and end up being poofy and frizzy. And very dry.Every week I try to deep mask my hair using a mix of blended ripe avocados, greek yoghurt, eggs, and olive oil. I leave it on for 1-2 hours, wash my hair with Mane 'n' Tail shampoo, Tresemme conditioner, and rinse with cold water. I havent applied heat for half a year, and i have had a history of relaxing it. I'm currently trying to grow out my natural hair but its looking really bad right now because of the different hair types and the frizz..What should I do? Which products or DYI products would you advise?

2 Answers

well , I honestly wouldn't wash out the deep conditioner .I would wash first , then apply conditioner , then apply the deep conditioner for 2 hours and rinse out with cold water , Here is also a video that might help 
I also forgot to say that it is completely normal to have different textures and curl patterns . I have a mix of 3c, and 3b