Am I doing something wrong? CGM = Dry hair

I've been doing the curly girl method for a few weeks now and my hair is dry. Im thinking I might be doing the whole method wrong. Im using a sulfate free shampoo for curly hair, along with a silicone free conditioner.What I do is pretty simple:-Shampoo as needed during the week (my hair is very prone to buildup)-Co wash everyday -rinse the conditioner out thoroughly -use olive oil and sunflower oil to help lock in that moisture-use a butter to further seal in the moisture-occasionally I'll use flax seed gel. -wrap my hair up with a scarf and call it a day. Should I try leaving a little bit of the conditioner in? I watch CGM videos and they leave a little bit of the conditioner in. I'm thinking that may help. Also is the hair supposed to feel Uber soft? My hair feels soft but at the same time dry if that makes sense. It doesn't have that slipper silicone feel that I love. Any help is greatly appreciated! I do not style my hair. I wear head wraps and scarves btw so I don't really style I just maintain my hair. I'm 3c/4a with fine hair and super low porosity strands.

3 Answers

I DC once a week as well. 
I'm sorry you're having this problem. Three things might be contributing to your dry strands.The first is a problem with the CGM that I don't see discussed enough. You may be experiencing product buildup. From my personal experience, about three months of following the CGM, my hair got so dry. I continued on for three more months, and my hair was not getting moisture and tangled absurdly. It wouldn't curl well and frizzed terribly. I finally said screw it and bought a sulfate clarifying shampoo as a kind of reset. The shampoo made my hair so dry. I got out of the shower to DC thinking I had ruined my hair. I put the DC in my hair, and my hair turned to butter. After that, my hair was so moisturized, and all my (hair) problems were solved. The CGM does not believe in sulfate shampoos. While I personally believe using a sulfate shampoo everyday is not good for hair, once a month seems to be fine for my fine, damaged, and dry hair. A sulfate free shampoo cannot remove everything effectively in my opinion. I even believe heavier oils are not fully removed by sulfate free shampoos. A sulfate clarifier is worth trying since you admit to being prone to buildup.Second thing (won't be as long, I promise) is that you're low porosity as you said. Perhaps that may be causing the dryness. Unfortunately, I don't have experience with low porosity but perhaps someone else can give suggestions on what works well.Third is simply perhaps the products you use are not moisturizing. You can check reviews or YouTube and see what others with your hair type are saying about them.I apologize for the long answer, but hopefully this can begin to help you find a solution. In regards to how soft hair should be. I'm type 2, but I know if my hair is OK if it's soft. I tend to get frustrated that my hair is not silky like some of the 2a ladies or straight haired ladies, so don't expect silky hair like we see in the Pantene commercials, but hair should be soft and have a spring factor. I do not have your hair type, but hopefully someone with a closer type can answer that question better. Best of luck!
Update: I clarified and bam... My hair came back to life! It's amazing how not using silicones really shows me the true state of my hair. It's so much easier to feel buildup now. My hair feels soft and alive, but not weighed down! I love being silicone- free.