I cannot figure out my hair porosity?

I have tried to find out my porosity a lot of times now but I still can't figure it out. My hair type is 3C. All the test I have done show that I have low porosity but I think I have high porosity because my hair is getting dry a lot and my hair doesn't take hours to dry. Though I get build up very quickly. I also have a feeling that my hair likes thick products meant for high porosity more than hair milks for low porosity hair. If I use a hairmilk my hair looks really frizzy and thin. I have thin hair by the way. If I use thick products I like my hair better but I get a lot of build up and my hair will look greasy. Can one of you help me out? (Excuse me for my crappy English I'm not from the USA)

2 Answers

Use water based products. I had the same exact problem. With those thick heavy products they are just sitting on top of you hair. You want to be able to lift the cuticles in your hair strands so all the moisture products can actually get into your hair instead of just sitting ontop and looking greasy.
you have to do the test. Get a cup of water part your hair in fours, take a strand from each section drop it in the water one at a time. If the strand floats your low porosity, if it sinks your  high and if it goes to the middle of the glass your in the middle. Porosity just means the amount of water (moisture) your strands will take in..Hope this helps