How do I keep my fine 3b/3c hair from breaking so I can retain length?

2 Answers

Oh breakage SUCKS! You gotta ID what's causing the breakage. For me, I know I have split ends and I take FOREVER to get them trimmed. Not only that... sometimes I pick at my fairy knots :( Also I love to swim and I love the sun but both of those are drying, so deep conditionings are a must for me. In general I say split with your split ends, keep your hair moisturized ( leave-ins, DCs, etc), nix the sulfates and products that build up, and try not to over manipulate your hair (brushing, running your fingers through it, rough detangling, etc).Great Reads:8 TIPS TO STOP HAIR BREAKAGE10 Hair Breakage Treatment Tips10 Habits That Cause Hair Breakage
If i were you, I would get a trim first. Then do protein treatments, followed by long deep conditioning treatments. Always make sure to seal with oil after styling, and keep your hair detangled. Limit the amount of manipulation you do, and of course avoid heat.