I forgot how my curls used to be.. Im so ashamed :( ... Anybody got the same feeling at the moment?

2 Answers

Definitely.Before I realized how to care for my hair, I straightened... like everyday... And over the years of not giving my hair the treatment it needed my hair didn't curl. And right now, in the middle of transitioning, its hard not to feel self conscious about how my hair could look or how it used to look.
I rarely wear my hair curly anymore. It's extremely difficult to style in the first place, and by the end of the day, it usually is pretty frizzy and NOT pretty. I wear it in a side braid most of the time, and people often say I should wear it down more or straighten it. I think everyone here gets that just MANAGING curly hair is super hard and frustrating, let alone making it look pretty. Don't worry, you probably just need to try out some new ideas to make it easier. However, make sure you don't damage it with too much heat!Hope this helped! I wish you the best of luck(: