How do I grow this patch of hair that won't seem to grow with the rest of my hair?

Okay, so I have 3c curls and for the most part my hair seems to be growing past my goal lengths. My hair grows out naturally layered and the longest layer reaches my bra strap. The sides reach about armpit length, but there is a portion at the very front of my hair that doesn't seem to grow with the rest of my hair. The hair is softer than any other portions of my hair and has small ringlet curls in it. It's almost a completely different texture than my hair. I have tried just about everything to see what the issue is. The front has been stubborn to grow ever since I did the big chop three years ago. I have had the hair cut, because the ends seem to grow out really thin. I have kept the front of my hair braided and undisturbed to grow it out...nothing. I put castor oil on it once a week...nothing. I massage the front often but not everyday to keep from too much friction of breaking off any hair. I'm very gentle with hair in the front...still no growth. I'm super frustrated and wanted to know if anyone has had the same issue and knows a solution? 

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