What do I do with my hair?

As a 15 year old girl, I love to switch up my hair from straight to curly. However, my hair sufffers from heat damage and also from getting it bleached & dyed. So, I vowed to myself that this year I would go a year without getting it straightened. But I still am struggling. The whole back of my head is a weird patch of tight curls and I would really like for them to looser. I also am debating whether to cut it or not because I know I will be crying about how even shorter my hair got. Even now I struggle to get my hair in a bun, or in any style. I'm also curious to what products I should use. Please help!

2 Answers

I really like using Redken products for my hair, expense but work great! I think thick head bands would look cute in you hair too. Let your hair grow, I'm sure it will be worth it! I hope this helped a little!
That patch of tight curls is probably your natural hair type in its undamaged/least damaged state! I think you should embrace them & work to have a whole head of them (:D), but that doesn't answer your question...Lactic acid is supposed to help stretch curls; it's found in most dairy products. You can try & make your own hair masks or buy styling products that contain it.Twist outs may also help with stretching your curls. You can also stretch by blow drying. Use low/cool setting & a diffuser, work in sections, gently stretching your curls out with one hand & dry them root to ends.As for styles, headbands & barrettes are definitely cute. You can also try braiding a headband with your own hair or braiding a front section & pinning it in a swirl by your ear. Cornrows on the front & crown of your head with the rest left curly will look cute on you as well.