What should I do to my hair to achieve looser curls and less frizz?

I have a 3B hair type and after 20 years I still don't know how to maintain my curly hair. It's exhausting and frustrating. My hair is extremely frizzy and puffs out SO much. My curls don't have very much shape (unless I use mousse.) The product I have been using is a conditioning mousse which defines my curls and makes them very springy and contained. However, I am SICK of the absurd amount of mousse I have to use in my hair to achieve this. I love the look, but I hate spending so much money on bottles of mousse and how flaky and gross the mousse makes my hair. I have recently considered getting my hair relaxed so that my curls are loosened and less frizzy. I would love to not have to use a TON of product in my hair to feel presentable. It's honestly a mess if I leave it natural (which I tried to do today, but couldn't leave the house looking like that.) I know people will tell me to "embrace" my natural curls, but they are so frustrating. I would just love to have them be more contained, less frizzy, and looser. I am wondering if relaxing my hair is the way to do that, or if there are other suggestions that will work? I have tried many other products, but nothing seems to work for me. I am open to suggestions, but I don't want to keep wasting money on numerous products if they aren't going to achieve my desired result. HELP!

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Hi Badgerfan, I would not recommend relaxing your hair. Relaxing your hair will make it straight, and it will be very difficult getting your curls back again. If you're looking for a treatment like a relaxer without the damaging effects of a relaxer, I would look into Brazilian Blowout. Brazilian blowouts will give you much looser curls with less frizz. I tried a Brazlian Blowout, and honestly, I was upset with how loose my waves were afterward. However, since that's exactly what you're looking for, you might be content with the results! Since you have tighter curls than I do, you might actually love the BB. Check out this article, you can see a brazilian blowout on hair like mine (wavy) and hair like yours, which is a bit curlier. But definitely do your research and make sure you find a professional. If you're not willing to spend the money on a BB, I would suggest looking for a heavier cream or gel that will hold your curls without having to put so much product in. Look for something with silicones that will give you more hold with less product, and look for something glycerin-free that won't evaporate in the humidity. Best of luck! 
hi, check out Tia Kirby on you tube. She has great tips for achieving great curl definition. Hope this helps!
when I want a loose look, I usually style my hair, let my hair absorb the product, then pineapple it and tuck the ends in the band. I then sleep on that. But you could also use a heavy gel and not scrunch and let air dry.