How do I get my hair correctly moisturizerd and maintained? (3b/3c thick & high dense hair)

I have 3b/3c curl pattern that stops at my collar bone .It doesn't matter what I try, my hair can never stay moisturized and frizz-free in its natural state. My curls are not defined  when they dry and they just turn into a dry, Afro mess. It's like as soon as my hair dries its takes a turn for the worst. It is clear that my hair needs some serious products to nourish my curls.  I am currently trying to transition but it's so confusing. On top of all of this he middle of my hair is the dryest, thickest, and is a 3c hair type. As for now I am doing twist outs which are okay but not what I'm looking for. Please help!

1 Answer

Dry hair = Moisturiser and deep-conditioner treatments . Try using all natural coconut oil shea butter and a little all natural shea moisturizer together . After a good shampoo and conditioner apply both to wet hair , section and twist out in section. When your hair dry and ready to style you should look fabulous and it won't weigh your hair down . Good luck !!