How do I get all my hair to curl?

When I was younger my hair used to be all curly(3b/3c) but now after straightening it for a while and hormones and stuff, half of my hair is curly(3c) and the other side of my hair is wavy(2b). I'm trying to figure out what to do to get it all back to curly(3b and/or 3c) Note: my hair is really thick and gets frizzy easilyIn the pictures is how I rarely can get it from braiding it but it doesn't work any

1 Answer

Sounds like you might have heat damage. It's probably going to have to be cut to restore your natural curl pattern (I had the same issue). You can either have it done now, or wait until it's longer and at a more comfortable length for you and get it cut then. Unfortunately if it is heat damage, there's no real way to bring the curl back, because the hair is permanently damaged and altered. But you can cut it and/or wait to grow it out and cut it once you can see where the natural curl ends and the damage starts.