How can I get my hair to grow longer faster?

I have very tight curls. I forgot get my hair type but I know I'm a three. I'm biracial, but more white then black. I still have black hair I guess you would say. it is at the length maybe at the very top of my shoulders whenever I straighten it. I would like to get it to at least the top of my back before school starts which is August 23rd. So if anyone could help me w/ some awesome tips that would be great! Also I haven't straightened me hair for the whole summer almost & it's still very short. & it was longer when i was younger but I was silly to pick up the flat iron to soon. Desperate for some help!! sorry about the picture, it's from facebook.

2 Answers

Don't straighten your hair ever. If you feel like you want your hair straight, buy non heat hair rollers and let your hair air dry. Always deep condition twice a week. Co wash and only shampoo once a week. Eat a lot of proteins like eggs, nuts, meats and etc. Have a healthy lifestyle. Finger detangle with conditioner while your hair is wet or you can detangle with a wide tooth comb. Never brush your hair. Add a sealant to your hair like coconut oil, olive oil, or any hair oil you like after you detangle your hair.
make sure you get a trim to cut off all the damaged ends of your hair and let it start off fresh. trust me, your hair will really thank you for this :)also, do a deep condition once a week to give your hair as much moisture and strength as it can get! read this for help on DC'ing: but not least, don't use any harsh chemicals like dyes or bleach or ammonia. Your hair is in repair mode and these types of things completely strip your hair of its overall health, especially in the summertime when the sun is constantly out.