What can I do with my hair? I have 3b hair.

i have recently went natural and I have no idea what to do! I have tried twists, Bantu knot outs, wash and go's, and nothing seems to work for my hair! I have used a variety of products to see what works on my hair best and nothing has worked to my liking. I think it's because of my length and I expect more but I would really like some help! I have 3b hair, neck length when wet, ear lobe length when dry (serious shrinkage). Pictures I have are of my hair, frizzy mess, 2 strand twist out fail revived by spritz and a couple more layers of product. It always kind of has this result with anything I do! Except with a little less frizz. And I know my hair is damaged so no need to comment on it but anything that will help with it or anything. Any tips, help for everything! Thanks!!

2 Answers

hello, i suggest doing a braid out. It reduces shrinkage and works slightly better on me than twist outs and wash and go's, especially when at school
it seems like you should try a deep conditioning treatment. there's this deep conditioner pantene sells, i cant remember the name but its in a square container and you only have to leave it on for five minutes (!!!!) and your hair comes out super soft and you'll have springy curls (i did anyway) pantene's lines of conditioner in my opinion have always been fantastic for me. and since i have 3b curls mine are usually pretty defined so i usually just leave them the way they are but braid outs are really good or leaving your hair in a French braid or two helps.