How can I get my hair like this guy's?

How long do you think I will have to grow my hair out to get this style? And do you think my curls are the right size to do this? I think we have the same type of hair, mines just shorter right now. How do you think he gets his curls to stick up?(he said he did it natural;no twists). The first four are him, others are my hair

2 Answers

I think maybe you'd have to grow your hair out a good 2-4 inches. Your can try using a pick once you have the length, but it may stand up on its own
You should wash your hair with good shampoo's  and make sure you are putting the right kinda products in your hair. Make sure you aren't washing your hair 24/7 .. Make sure you wash it about 3 or 2 times a week one of them being a deep conditioning and leaving it in for about an hour then washing it out., Also you have to be patient.