i have 3b hair but i want 3c/4a hair how can i change my hair type???

4 Answers

I don't think you can change your hair type for good. Genetics play a big role in your hair type. What you can do is try to make your curls a certain size or shape but it won't be temporary. Good Luck!
If you want a tighter curl pattern, there are a lot of different methods you can try to shape your curls differently. You can use strawllers, curlformers, or even straws! Straws will probably give you the tight curl you want. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0zutvMi0n0 Hope that helps. WillowSheaCurls is right, you can't change your hair type but you can get a different style! 
I have 4c hair but if I could choose any type I would want 3b-3c, so I've spent a lot of time wondering the same thing as you, but in reverse :)susonnah.gon and WillowSheaCurls are right. My advice is to try to find ways to enjoy your curl pattern as it is. There are some great styles and fun hair cuts you can achieve with your very own curl pattern. I'm preaching at myself too because, for me too, its really hard to just accept and enjoy your hair when you're wishing it would look or act more like some other type of hair. Like, I wish I could comb through my hair wet and with conditioner (not even asking for much), without it breaking and snapping and immediately coiling right back on itself, sometimes into another tangle. Maybe learn more about how to work with your curl pattern. When I've done that I've been happier about my hair as it is, but it's still a struggle... 
When I used Mixed chicks leave in for over 5 years, it made my hair look dryer and coarser. It depends on the products. Mixed chicks dried my hair out and made it look more 3C than the 3A and 3B texture it is now. Curl Keeper also makes my hair look more wavy than curly. It is possible, you just have to experiment.