I have 3b type curls but my hair is fine and flyaway, not coarse.Anyone else with the same hairtype?

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No. Mine is kind of the oppsite of that. Mine is kinky 4c hair.
I have 3b hair with maybe a little 3c mixed in...very fine...sounds a lot like yours!
I have the same hair type!
YES.  The biggest issue I have is second-day hair.  It's  completely lifeless, and a satin pillowcase only helps so much.  The best curl reviver is water. 
yep mine is like that too
Thanks for the replies! As I said to Cinncurls in the comments, I never know what way my hair is going to turn out, even if I style the same way each time. It's frustrating. I use a leave in conditioner and mousse every day but getting the right balance is tough.......as you all probably know.......too much and it's lank and too little and it's a frizzy mess!!!!!!!  I don't think mousse is too good for the hair either is it?? What products do y'all find the best? I'm from Ireland by the way, so won't have the same brands but just looking for a general idea. I use different types of shampoo and conditioner (Herbal Essence, Pantene, Schwarzkopf, Wella) and Revlon 2Phase leave in conditioner and various mousses (Silvikrin, Pantene,Wella)
yes mine is like that what i do is use a runny gel mixed with coconut oil and a leave in