I have absolutely no shrinkage..do you have any tips on how to achieve shrinkage?

4 Answers

You can never really get absolutely no shrinkage. You'll always have a little bit of shrinkage. 
I have the same problem with just the hair on top of my head. The only things that I have found so far to help shrink it up a little is Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper mixed with a very strong gel (Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee). Do not worry about crunch if it's something you don't care for...it will scrunch out nicely once your hair is dry. I also use AG Cosmetics Re:Coil Curl Activator, but since it is a cream, it can weigh hair down a bit, so for each section where I have very curly hair with more than enough shrinkage, I use two pumps (my hair is wicked thick), but on top where it's not as curly, I use about 1/4 pump. I mix the 3 products together in my hand for each section then apply it. Sometimes, I apply the Re:Coil by itself on top, either before or after applying the other two together. Additionally, it is very important to scrunch your hair to 1. squeeze out extra product and 2. To help encourage curl and shrinkage. I find that scrunching 6 times seems to be most effective for me. Lastly, be sure to use a diffuser on your hair dryer and  invest in a quality dryer that employs ion technology (I have a Super Solano Micro 3600) - your hair will dry faster, have much less frizz and won't experience so much heat damage (I have ZERO heat damage and I ALWAYS use my hair dryer). I see on this site that many curlies do not use a hair dryer and just air dry it, but the weight of the water and moisture in the hair as it dries is going to decrease shrinkage significantly, particularly if you already have thick/heavy hair.I would like to achieve MORE shrinkage to the hair on top of my head, so I would be interested in hearing about other techniques. I hope this helps.
After you put your product on (I also like CurlKeeper... just ordered a liter), use a diffuser, and "cup" your curls upwards with the bowl of the diffuser. 
If your hair is not curly, I suggest setting your hair with perm rod rollers, separate your curls and tease your roots with a comb. If your hair is curly, I would opt for air drying, use a light moisturizer with humectants (honey, aloe vera, etc.) and avoid applying gels and products with silicones.