I have always had dry, easily damaged, wierd porosity, fine 3b (mostly) hair. Details below.

Ive had trips to the salon with 3-5 inches of dead hair, Ive always had dry hair no matter what, and to top it off Im continuously losing clumps of hair, and all it takes is a simple finger comb through my clean hair. I hate to admit it but I tend to be lazy on my curly hair routine. I do not follow CG method. Ive tried multiple products including Pantene Curly Moisture Renewal Conditioner and most recently, which by the way I hate, the Aussie Moist Conditioner, and I know its bad but I use regular non-curly based shampoo. All I ask for Is how to keep my alien hair moisturized healthy, beautiful and manageable. I would also love some help on how to manage healthy hair.

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To start with your hair loss, it could range from a myriad of things from being dry and brittle, to having stress loss. If it isn't stress then it's your hair. I'd try some protein treatments to try and strengthen your hair. Deep condition weekly, and finger detangle before using a comb to try and stop the shedding. Find a nice leave-in and oil for daily use, something you can just run through your hair (believe me I'm a lazy CG as well) and as long as you keep your hair moisturized it will help drastically. Give yourself a nice trim (like 1/2 inch) and then dust your ends as needed (on wash day just look at your ends and if you notice a split or a knot detangle or trim). Hair health starts at the scalp, so make sure you're keeping it healthy and free from product build-up. I like to use a mixture of tea tree oil, glycerin, and water to massage my scalp every other day or so (about 5-8 drops of tea tree oil, 2-3 squirts of glycerin and the rest of the bottle -6oz for me- with water). The tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and the glycerin adds moisture and seals it in as well. After massaging the scalp with this mixture I take an oil and massage my scalp all over and then run my fingers through my hair, which helps distribute it throughout the rest of my hair. Hope this helps!
Some hair loss is normal, so unless it's seriously excessive or has changed a lot recently, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
wow your hair is so nice it looks like 3A/B im 3B/C/A i use smooth &silky by tressame it works very well i also use loreal advanced haircare rapiar balm works very well
Some people complain that Pantene dries out their hair...maybe you should try switching your shampoo and conditioner? You don't have to go crazy with the CG method, you could simply find a shampoo and conditioner that is more moisturizing. Check out the products section of the site and select "moisture" under "options." That will point you in the right direction.