i have heat damage, how can i get my curly hair back?

4 Answers

Deep condition your hair and do Protein Treatments
thank you(:
Actually, there is no way to fix heat damage...it can't be reversed. You will just have to cut it or let it grow out. I've had to do it before :/ But it will be OK..it always grows back :)
There's nothing a little deep conditioning and protecting can't do. But first of, use gentle, silicone and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. These are gentle enough not to strip your hair of its natural oils. Second, get a weekly hair mask. These help in restoring your hair's natural balance, making it good as new again! I've tried the Pro Naturals Hair Repair System: It's a hair care line with everything you need to repair dry and damaged hair, from the shampoo down to the leave on serums. It has helped restore my hair after it has gone through months of styling abuse (I've had it permed and colored frequently.)