I have type 3a hair. what CG shampoos and conditioners would work for me? HELP PLEASE

1 Answer

You need to look at more than your curl pattern. You need to know porosity, density, width, etc. I have 3a hair though so I'll just tell you what I've used and liked for now.Shampoos: devacurl low poo, giovanni tea tree triple treat, giovanni smooth as silk deep moisture shampoo (clarify only), shea moisture moisture retention shampoo, shea moisture thickening shampoo, renpure bright green bottle (blanking on the name)Conditioners: shea moisture raw shea butter, GVP conditioning balm, bed head moisture maniac, trader joes nourish spa balancing conditoner (something like that lol)I enjoyed all of the above. Start with one of each and go from there. PM me if you want to get more specific and I can try to help with individual products that I recommended. Good luck! :)