I have a huge problem with my roots, my hair is super dry and tangly, I've done everything?

I think my hair is type 3b/c and I have tons of hair that is already quite difficult to manage however on top of all of that my roots simply do not co-operate after one day. My hair is very lucious and soft at the ends but super super dry and tangling at the top to the point that my roots get stuck to one another. I use shea moisture products for the most part and stay well away from sulfate shampoos. I use sulfate free shampoo once a month usually and always oil my hair after a wash or when its particularly dry. I cant usually get the oil to my root as the tangling is that bad. What shall I do? I use the pineapple method when going to bed and just wear my hair down during the day. 

1 Answer

usually dry and tangly hair is due to lack of mositure. Maybe you aren't getting enough moisture in your roots. When you moisturise your hair make sure it hits your roots the most