What should I do? I have hopeless hair

my hair is so hopeless. My hair has been the same length for my whole life pretty much. I've never gotten a big chop or anything just the occasional trim (like every blue moon occasional). It used to be so much longer when I was a kid but pretty much my head grew into my hair. Also my hair texture changed around 12 (im about 15 now) and it used to be really pretty like straight at the roots and curly at the bottom but now it's just puffy and curly and short. I've been straightening it every day lately. I know it's really bad but it's a lot more manageable and I don't know how to style my hair curly. I've tried braids and twists and plopping and just about everything so if you have any suggestions that would really help. By the way my hair is very thin and very fine and is poofy all the time (even when straight) it's 3b and very frizzy. Thank you:))) (ps: I look bad in the photo so I colored out my face lol)

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