I lost my curl pattern, how do I re-gain it? :(

*NOTE: I've done protein treatments (natural homemade masks and store-bought masks), last time i used heat (and the first time in years) was last hear December, I don't blowdry either***Over the course of the past 2 years I've been struggling to re-gain what was once 3a curls. The back of my head is at about  a 2c/2b while the entire front of my head is no doubt 2a at first, then it falls theough the day and goes straight. Long ago i used to brush my curls out with a brush in the shower to get rid of tangles, and even then my curls would bounce right back. Now they are just Gone :( I straightened my hair going 4 years back and my curls went back to normal, suddenly just last year i let a stylist straighten my hair for an event and I feel it hasn't been in the same curl pattern since. Mind you I NEVER really use heat on my hair except those rare times in my whole life. Is heat damage to blame??I thought cutting my hair from below chest length, to mouth length would help the curls spring back up but they seem just the same. I don't know which hair products to use so I just use conditioner in the shower, then when I'm out I scrunch it with a tshirt and then use coconut oil and mousse. Howww do I re-gain my curls its been a struggle of mine for these 2 years and I've been working on it for about 7 months now. :(

1 Answer

doesn't sound like you're doing anything to cause your hair to lose its curl pattern. Seems like it's something that is taking place naturally...or maybe the products you use are too heavy for your hair type?