How can I maintain my curly hair and let it look nice for second days?

I want to start wearing my hair curly for this new year, I know its damage on the ends because I straighten it to much, so I am planning to cut it. However my hair is already on the short side, so cutting it will make it even shorter. I have a few questions on how to take care of it:1-What are the best product for 3b to 3c curly hair? 2-How can I keep a nice hair routine?3-How can I have nice second day hair, without having to wash it everyday?4-How can girls with short curly hair do a pineapple hair style for the night?5-Is it bad to wet my hair everyday to style it?6-How can I make my curly hair appear healthy and shinning? my hair seems dry and frizzy must of the time.7-How can I achieve nice bouncing curls? Should I use perm rods, but how can I sleep without damaging the style?8-Why does drying hair with cotton benefit my hair? Thank you : -D

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