How can I make my hair EXTRA shiny, pretty, and looks good with pigtails?

I love going to middle school with pigtails (yes I know, but I am very childish) my friends are always telling me how good it looks and then they mess around with it and start "choosing the best curl"but now that it's summer my hair looks dull, and I want it to look like it did before. (it looked like little girl pigtails, super shiny, and super curly)So may anyone help me? (by the way, I really don't wanna buy from this website, it seems pricey)

1 Answer

Summer is really rough on the hair. Pools, salt water, sun damage, etc. Your hair is very dry and needs some love. First try clarifying your hair to get rid of any buildup, as this can make hair very dull. I would recommend doing a hot oil pre-shampoo treatment and then deep conditioning. Deep condition once or twice a week, whatever works for you. You also need to protect your hair from the elements. Before swimming, coat your hair with oil or conditioner so the salt/chlorine doesn't absorb as much. Then chelate your hair with a shampoo and deep condition. There are products on the market with UV protection which is really important as well. Hats also offer protection from the sun.