How can i make my scalp as curly as the rest of my hair!? My hair is so flat on top i can't stand it

I'm white and i have curly hair thats very confusing, the top is pin straight it literally will NOT curl, but from my ear down i have extremely big curly hair between type 3A and 3B. I should probably mention that my hair when straight is slightly passed my boob so it is pretty long. But even when my hair was shorter i had this problem.I take very good care of my curls (or at least i just started to). I don't use a shampoo or conditioner with sulfates or silicones. I co-wash daily and i usually add a mousse or curl defining spray and then i diffuse dry upside-down. I love this method and my hair comes out amazing except the top half of my hair doesn't curl. I've tried everything, i bought clips and tried clipping the roots, I've tried using a mouse or cream on my hands and then twist my hair before diffusing, i've tried blow drying my hair upside down. NOTHING will make the top curl.. So now i just use a curling wand and curl all my roots but after that it just looks so unnatural and i feel like its not even my curls anymore :( Im so sad and frustrated over this. I just want my whole head to be curly and voluminous. (Like annalynne mccord, i have hair similar to hers) Something please help!?

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