How do I moisturize my hair/edges while it's flat ironed?

I had weave in for a while but only kept a one handful of leave out. I decided my hair needed a break so I took out my weave and my hair grew lots. I deep conditioned it, trimmed the ends (I'm transitioning) and got it flat ironed all by a salon. I loved the feel of my hair. Until once it began to feel a little dry but my edgiest were the real dry part. My mom said to apply moisturizer and I remember people saying to always moisturize your hair. So I took some pink oil moisturizer and applied it to all of my hair and even my edges and nape. Then after my edges weren't as straight as they used to be and not laid back anymore. Even when I apply something. It's only laid when I tie my scarf at night. So how do you moisturize your hair while it's all straightened?

3 Answers

You can't moisturize natural hair while it is straighten. Your edges are natural. They keep reverting to their natural state because it is moisturized. That's just how natural hair is. You might just have to get some edge control or gel. Sorry.
On days you want to maintain your straight-style, try using Argan oil followed with a edge control product & wear your scarf at night. Use everything sparingly, otherwise your edges will begin to curl.  On wash or curly days, feel free to deep condition your edges & follow up with the LOC method, then style as usual.
My edges don't usually become dry when my hair is straightened. I do use edge control gels like the ones for Hicks or Design Essentials to lay them down... there are a lot out there but be careful some flake and some just make your hair greasy. Also, Id stay away for Pink Moisturizer, unless they changed their formula, its doesn't really moisturize just builds up causing you to wash your flat iron hair faster....Adding any moisture to your edges will likely cause them babies to curl up so just make sure before you flat iron to LOVE on your hair with some fatty emulsifying moisturizing conditioners.