I need help determing my curl type. I never had a relaxer but I straighten and use a lot of color.

I have not added color in about a year since dying it black. It's been 2 months since I stopped straightening my hair. I cannot get my bangs to match the back. How do I upload pictures?

3 Answers

if you click on your username at the top of the site you can go to your profile and upload a pic from there
You might have different curl types on different parts of your head. A lot of people do. 
There is an Edit button at the bottom right of your question, click that. Then click the big button "Add more details to your question" and there you can upload a photo (it says "Attach an image to your question).If your hair is damaged it's likely that it won't curl up as much as it used to, even if you don't relax. You could try doing a twist out on one section to get it to match the other section.