I need help, I don't understand the steps needed to take care of my granddaughters 3b/3c Hair.

she has very long, very thick, dry curly/coily hair. very dense at the scalp so it is hard to get product in there. I don't know what im doing and have tried many products but if I dont know how to apply products or how many to use and when...it does not work. her african american side of the family does not communicate with us so i have no help. She's such a character...lol...love that girl!

1 Answer

lol that is the longest hair ever! ok, at that age I hated to wash my hair :s, your routine needs to be fast. Wash her hair with a sulfate free shampoo and buy some deep conditioner that requirers no heat and penetrates fast (Dark and Lovely has one that works in 10 mins with no heat). Vo5 has amazing conditioners I use to detangle, at an amazing price, you will need tons of that for your little girl. After conditioning, use the LOC method to hydrate the hair: apply a leave in (water base), after that some oil (jojoba will be good for her) and to finish a butter (shea butter). After that, I would say to make some braids in her hair, not many so she can sleep comfortable, and let the hair air dry over night. Once you take out the braids do not comb hair hair, just style it with your hands.I know I wrote a lot, let me know if you have more questions :)