I need help with products!

Although I'm not sure what hair type I have, I assume it's curly and not wavy, but it's very fine and tangled and EXTREMELY frizzy and dry. I have been using cowash, KKKT and Ouidad climate control gel for quite some time. I almost feel like a cream would help with the frizz, but they are all heavy for my hair and weigh it down. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

2 Answers

trying to attach photos! 
I think my hair looks similar to your photo, I've used Jojoba oil to help reduce the frizz (after leave in and before other stylers). My hair is pretty fine and I find its nice and light weight and doesn't weight it down. I just put it in the middle and ends of my hair. I've also just recently tried DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam and it worked a lot better than the other gels and creams I had been using. I use quite a bit and never get any crunchiness but it still keeps the frizz down without making my hair heavy.