I need help with my hair! The frizz and where I live are a major issue

So, the thing is, I've trying to be natural for a year now, and I adore my curls but I don't really know if I am a 3A or more of a 2C. The description in both seems to apply to me. Then there is the frizz! Nothing I do seems to control it,Thus, I always end up picking my hair up into a pony or a bun because I don't really fancy the pouf ball look. The other issue is where I live. There is pretty much no support at al in Colombia for a CG, no specialized hair salons and virtually no products. I'm actually thinking I should just straighten my hair, or chop it all off. But what if it looks worse?

1 Answer

I live in Mexico so I feel your pain. But, surprisingly if you really look and read the ingredient label you can probably find what your looking for just look around and DONT STRAIGHTEN IT! Another I do is diy conditioners, deep conditioners, cleansers. Just look online for some ideas! (: