i need some hairstyle ideas for my curly hair , for a sweet 16 . please help?!

I dont wanna straighten it cus my hair damages easily so imma leave it curly but i have no idea how.

1 Answer

hey. First wash hair using the curly girl method and scrunch + form defined ringlets using index finger and leave-in conditioner. Afterwards when dry, with a deep right or left parting place all your hair on one shoulder and using bobbi pins secure it on that shoulder. It looks quite pretty. If you wish for something prettier, with a middle parting to your hair, wash and dry. Now take a small section on the left front and twist nicely and secure at the back of your head, repeat on the other side and secure at the same point. Now you can either let the rest of your hair down or loosely tie it in a bun with a few strands of ringlets hanging down behind and right in front of your ears.